The SOI Multiroom builder

Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is still in testing stages. You are welcome to play with it and try it out but I need feedback from people using it before I consider it stable. I've done all the testing I can on my own.

These are the instructions on how to use Athelon's multi-location room builder.

What you'll need.

Preparing the room.

Create a blank room. You'll need to remember the room name (include the @ tail) to fill it into a setup script later.

Snag the multi.js file and upload it to your room. Note the URL, you'll need to change that below.

Next, you'll need to go through the four "embed" points, the four points where you can type in what goes into the room and put in this info.

Room Text Left Side Chat Box<div id=chatleft></div><div id=roomlist></div>
Room Text Under Chat Box<div id=underchat></div>
Text for Top Level of Room<div id="roomtop"></div>
Text for Bottom of Room <div id="roombottom"></div> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://CHANGEME/multi.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://CHANGEME/config.js"></script>

Be sure to change the URL of the multi.js and config.js file the location of YOUR room directory.

If there is anything that should always show in *all* views of the room, include them now in the above embed points. It is extra-important that you do this for anything containing #r-soi@soi(room links) because the [current] multiLoc code does not handle them.

Making the multiloc file.

At this point the room will still not function correctly. There is a file missing. That file contains the entire secret to the room. We'll create it now.

Open the builder up in a separate window or tab.

(Yes, I know the builder is rather on the lame and brain-dead side. Its funky and clunky... but it works. I might make it a bit nicer in the future, but since it did work I wanted to get it out to as many of you as I could.

If you do NOT have a config.js file, click on "Load Blank Data"

If you *do* have a config.js file, cut-and-paste it into the extry box below.
(The easiest way to do this is go to Controls - FTP Files - *roomname* and then find where it says "Create File:" Type 'config.js' into that space and hit the [EDIT] button right next to it. Don't worry, if the file already exists, you will be in edit mode.
Then click the NEXT button

Setting up room data

  1. Enter the name of your room, including the tail (@soi, @bwr, etc).
  2. Enter the color that 'location' announcements will be made in. This should be different than the normal room text color.
  3. The name of the default view. This name *must* exist.
  4. Click "Step 3 Change room data

Change room data.

  1. Click 'Add new view' to add a view to the room.
  2. Enter the name of the new view.
  3. Choose that view from the dropdown list. It is not auto-selected.
  4. Click 'Change selected view data'
  5. Enter the information into the room. The fields will work much the same as the SOI counterparts we are replacing.
  6. Click "Save this room change" when done.
  7. Repeat as needed.

Saving the data

  1. Click on "Step 4: Upload new data" then click update this.
  2. Navigate through the controls to your room files.
  3. If the file 'config.js' exists, click the delete button to remove it.
  4. By the 'create file:" box type 'config.js' without quotes, then hit 'Edit'
  5. Copy-and-paste the room setup information from to SOI and click save.
  6. Return to your room.
  7. You may need to press F5 or Control and F5 together to force a complete page reload.

To do, some day

  1. Set up messages as people leave a view or go into one.
  2. Clean up the editor so it just works smoother.
  3. Find the best way to not require refreshes on the room view. "?version=1" might work. Untested.
  4. Make these instructions neater.
  5. Handle #r-this@soi(room links).