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All that enter My domain, and this includes all My rooms, are welcome. For more information about Me follow the links above. When in My rooms all I ask is that you abide by several simple rules,
  • This room is governed by the ways Followed by Lord Sin
  • Behave as you would in real life
    • When you enter the room please greet everyone in it
    • If you're submissive, you do not need permission to enter or leave the room
    • If you're submissive, don't assume that simply being available is appealing
  • Do not interrupt anything of an intimate nature, whether it be a scene or a conversation
    • Therefore scroll back and check before posting so you can be sure your post is appropriate
  • This is a consensual room and everyone is entitled to claim respect. That goes for submissive as well as dominants
    • However respect is earned, and not derived from punctuation
  • Creative conversation is encouraged here
  • Creative scening is encouraged here
  • Small talk is also welcome. While this is a themed room, general chat is encouraged.
  • Engaging with others is a prerequisite for them engaging with you ... be appealing
Again I welcome you to My chambers and hope you enjoy your stay and find all that you seek. If you do run into a problem, please let Me know. I assure you it will be resolved.