1. Multiple answers are allowed, but ONLY the last answer given in any post will be counted for score. IE: if on your answer, you C&P several answers, only the last one in your post will be counted.

2.If you post more than once, only your last post will be counted. NOTE: I enjoy the "crazy" answers as much as anyone. I welcome & encourage such answers. Please continue to post them, but to be sure that I score your "real" guess, post it after the "crazy" one. IE: "The sky could be green if the person seeing it were on Venus. I still have to go with the sky is blue."

3. Plagiarism is allowed. (See above)

4. Buying the book and using the book answer is discouraged!!

5. When I post clues...they are always in yellow (like this). That way you can scan quickly over the entries and find my clues without reading other's answers...if you so desire.

7. When a clue is means that no posting, prior to the clue, is correct. (Unless otherwise stated)

8. No clues are given after a correct answer is posted. (Unless otherwise stated)

9. You may post answers, for point credit, to any mystery that has not been scored. There are usually 2 mysteries available at any one time (the current one and the previous one)

10. Point values (X) vary per mystery but, the first person with the correct answer will get the usual 10 point bonus. All persons with the correct answer will receive (X) points. Anyone who posts but does not have the correct answer will get 10 points for trying.

Good luck & have fun!