APG'sTrivia Page How many "regulars" can you identify?
  1. This delicate lady caused us all to adopt "hands-on-hips" for emphasis....musical..poetic and romantic..twirls in gracefully wearing a costume of bells..only bells..*grin*..aka "elusive one"..
  2. Has been known to leave a vapor trail of lavender mist and frankly admiring glances in his wake...nothing more sensual than a man with a sharp mind
  3. Whose liberal rants are laced with rapier wit and biting sarcasm..causing us all to howl for more..
  4. Collects teachers and magnetically attracts feminine admirers like M & M's -melting to mouth(sexy southern drawl) or hand..begin to puddle
  5. Stainless-steel contruction apparently able to withstand laser-strength masculine glares as he blithely curls up upon
    many a young lassies' soft yeilding lap..but..mind that sharp whip-like tail..known to take down many unsuspecting lovelies..leaving her begging breathless for more...*blush*
  6. Island-man charm and sensuality featured here..sail away on a voyage of pleasure..and discovery
  7. A glimpse of your soul this poet will present you with his lyrical words...leave you aching for more..
  8. Nothing miniscule about this man's charisma..sweet and funny ..adorable..sexy ..playful....mmmmmmmm...*eyes twinkling*
  9. Requires very little to satisfy self ..ie only requires "liberal & frequent petting, spoiling & slavish adoration "...this long-legged nymph has a fondness for cool midnight swims..
  10. more to come...just testing the page wink