Hello everyone Lillyan here again, I'm glad you could make it. Loralei wants to make sure I tell you what her ApplePie room is all about. I'm sure if you fish around a bit on your own you'll have it all figured out... but just in case.

Loralei started to wonder if you've ever been infatuated with that girl next-door? Have you ever been just dying to know what her thoughts are absorbed in? Well being that girl next-door, Loralei thought it may be in order to let you in on some of her obsessions, her dreams and aspirations! Surely you'll agree the images that constantly congest her mind are as wholesome as Apple Pie!

PleasesMe     The most basic and pleasing of human interactions. Loralei's personal most pleasurable and sought after behavior!
SweetTreats     Some actions are viewed as an incredible treat for both him and her. The discovery that that sweet girl would love to do nothing more than explore.
AllOver     Exploring and experimenting and driving to a common goal, whether expected or not the outcome is ecstasy. The beauty of it all is enjoying the aftermath as we slowly and sensuously spread our discovery all over.
GoEasy     Tentativeness must be expected and understood. If accepted then the rewards will be grand. Patience is a must, so go easy at the start and reap the benefits towards the end.
Extremes     Expressing and allowing yourself to experience your desires tends to lead to extreme pleasures. Pay no mind if others don't accept your behavior, your satisfaction and fervent needs should be addressed.

So, if you like to explore and are interested in new discoveries, why not join Loralei and me, Lillyan, and stop in so you can try a slice or two?