The Baccanalian - A Gentleman's Club
"Don't refute the ill repute."

Your Bartenders

Natalie ‘Nat’ Howell

Almost annoyingly positive and upbeat, Natalie hopes to become an actress and splits her time between auditions for commercials and whatever else she can get, and the bar which helps pay the bills. She is notoriously late for pretty much everything and can be a little shy at first (probably one of the reasons she’s struggling to make her mark in the industry), but when she drinks – which is almost never – she can get verrrry affectionate.

Anita ‘Needy’ Hayes

Stuck with the nickname ever since her grandmother gave it to her (rather than ‘Nita’), Needy is sharp-witted and cynical, and is more likely to toss barbs at her customers than flirt with them - but some guys love it and keep coming back for more. The bartending gig is ‘just temporary’ but she spends most of her free time on her blog where she keeps a running commentary on various social and political issues. She is also a very enthusiastic lesbian and enjoys almost nothing as much as ‘flipping’ a straight.

Melanie Iglesias

Mel takes her job at the bar very seriously – her job being to go through as many men with money as she can until she finds the ‘right’ one to properly pamper her and keep her in the lifestyle to which she would like to become accustomed. She’s a professional party girl who sizes up every man she meets purely on earning potential. Until she finds Mr. Right, she’s more than content to string along a handful of Mr. Almost Rights to make certain she’s kept in jewelry, clothes, shoes and designer handbags. It’s a rare night that she’s stays at the loft, but when she is, she makes damn sure her drama is the center of attention.

Alexandra Carroll

The new girl in town, fresh in from the south. She has a map marking every state she has stayed in so far and is considering visting them all eventually. She has a thing for older men, but might date whoever holds her interest. She rarely sticks around for anything long term. Has considered many careers and is as yet undecieded in what her path might be. Still searching for the answers, jaded enough to know she won't find them all easily, naive enough to believe it's possible though.