Welcome to Tasha's Lounge, primarily for Lesbians into BDSM, but gays, transgenders, bi, and straights are welcome. Most important rules: PLAY NICE and RESPECT OTHERS. Come in, sit and enjoy yourselves. SOI rules apply. (No UNDERAGE play at all; no scat, golden, or extreme BDSM in the main room.)

MY LIMITATIONS: As owner and hostess, I try to greet and make everyone feel welcome. Sometimes that means shifting my attention around and sometimes it means balancing focusing and multi-tasking. If you want a 1-1 encounter with me or my full and undivided attention, sorry. I am also NOT a mind reader. I am open to letting anyone who behaves themselves enter and hang out. If you want something beyond Bondage, Domination, and Sadomasochism, then you better whisper the details to me. If not, don't get pissy

If PC staff are not around, assume there is NPC staff on hand to serve you- I call her Nancy. Submissives are permitted "behind the bar" to serve guests as well. We serve bagels, muffins, donuts, coffee, tea, milk, juices, and softer drinks before Noon, [All times in SOI time]. Afternoon we serve alcohol and sandwiches, salads, wings, nachos, etc, until 2000. Last Call is 0130...You don't have to leave, but all I can serve then is coffee, tea, and a good time.

There is a stage with stripper poles; chains and other props can be raised from the floor or lowered from the ceiling. We do have a few talented lil ones who come by and put on shows from time to time of feel free to use the poles or props yourselves. We also have quiet booths and a dance floor.

The Dungeon (#r-tashadng)is a semi-private room for..well if I have to tell you, you don't need to go down there.

Gentlemen are allowed in the rooms, as long as they act like gentlemen. No display of male genitalia with out the consent of those present. Male genitalia includes all penises, cocks, dicks, schlongs, and even strap ons for our more butch customers. Play nice, please.

TO ALL: If you cause excessive grief and drama, I reserve the right ban you from any room I own, if you push things that far. Sometimes we all (myself included) get a bit over aggressive. If you are offended, tell the person right then, and try to resolve it yourself. If you offend, apologize, and resolve the problem before I have to get involved. If it becomes a pattern, I will talk to you about it. If becomes aggregeous, expect consequences. MSG me with any problems or suggestions.

Ok, there it is. I hope you all enjoy! Love and kisses (and swats and spanks for those who like such things)