First off, let it be known that i have neurological issues with my brain...So sometimes i may leave a word out while talking, other times i may misspell a word, and other times i may substitute a word that has absolutely no relevance to what i am talking about. There have been occasions where i have suffered a seizure, or been on the verge of one while speaking as well. It is something that cannot be helped and is even more frustrating to me than to the people with whom i am speaking to. If you come in here, you can either put up with it and deal with it as i have to do, or you are more than welcome to find the door and escort yourself back out the way you came in.
Don't make me have to don the bitch boots and kick you out, i really do not enjoy being a bitch.

After having been run out of two of my other rooms by Vultures, Lurkers and Lower Life Forms I have picked up a trick or two...or rather some good advice by kind friends along the way...who have made me realize that it just does not pay to be nice to some people.

This is my room, my membership, my haven...MY RULES. If you don't like them, feel free to leave. I'm sure there are plenty of willing, wanton females about who would love nothing more than to throw themselves at your feet. I just don't happen to be one of them. Coming in here and whispering sweet nothings or worse yet...demanding?? that I grovel at your feet will get you absolutely nothing except placed on ignore. Does that make me a mean, cold, cruel, heartless bitch with a tendency to push men away...perhaps....but hey?? Guess who made me that way???

As for my friends....I associate with whomever I want, whenever I want. If you don't approve of some of my friends...too bad. I'm not going to choose between friends or give any up because you may not approve of them. I would never ask that of anyone else and you've no right to ask it of me.

If you can abide by my rules, I'd love to have you stay, otherwise, I'm sure you can find the door to let yourself out.