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Where Sex Sells, Stories Are Told. Where Old Friends Meet, New Ones Can Be Made, And If We're Lucky You Can Laugh Almost As Hard As You Can Cum
Rooms Explanation

Some people wonder if this is room for sex. Well yes and no, it's a room for people who enjoy sex, and sexual innuendo, erotica, and spending time on line with friends and lovers. If you're new to the room, figure out who everyone is before you unzip, or kiss cause you could make a fool of yourself. Remember the golden rule goes a long way. Remember the person you are typing to is just as real as you are, and that they have feelings too. And remember most of all to have fun, while here, cause this is supposed to be fun.

Caf� description

The caf� is like an old fashioned diner with some nice added features. There is a deck out back with a giant Jacuzzi, it is clothing optional. Then there are booths with table clothes. (No peeking) There is a counter with stools, tables, a jukebox, and a kitchen of course. Also the corkboard is for posting information of interest to all, it is run and created by Sweet Sunshine. It is full of links that will always be changing, and in the cafecork, there is a room for visitors to use if the have the urge to be alone without everyone watching.

Room Rule

Since basically no rules apply here, be courteous to those around you and you will get along fine in the chatcafe, but one of the things we've begun to require is a double post penalty. Double posting requires a strip tease being preformed at some time soon in the cafe. This isn't really enforced but it's still fun to watch.

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