Welcome to City Council
We are pleased you have chosen to attend.
We will try to begin and end on time.


- The chair shall recognize a member to present his or her motion.

- The chair will request a second. If there is no second, the motion dies for lack of a second. If there is a second, the floor will be open for discussion.

- Given the nature of internet posts, including cross posts, it is impossible to rise for recognition, be recognized, and all that, so the chair will not even make the attempt. The discussion will be free wheeling.

- In real council meetings, there are occasions where members of the public may speak under a "two minute" rule. The presiding officer may, at his or her discretion, call for public comment, enforcing a "one post rule".

- During a discussion, the following three motions will be in order:

1. Motion to Call the question

Calling the question effectively ends discussion and requres a majority vote of the Council. If the motion to call the question is carried, discussion on the item under discussion ends and the item is then put to vote of the Council. If the motion to call the question fails, discussion of the item continues.

2. Motion to Refer the Matter to Committee

In the event this motion is adopted,the person making the motion shall chair the committee and the mayor shall appoint at least two more persons to it, to report back to the council at the council's pleasure. One of the at least two additional members will be the motion's sponsor - if different from the person who moved to refer the matter to committee.

3. Motion to Table the Matter

Tabling means to delay consideration of the matter to a future meeting.

- The three motions discussed above require a second and a majority vote. THEY ARE NOT DISCUSSED. The Mayor, or his designated Executive Branch representative, votes only to break a tie but may choose to abstain from voting. If, by abstaining from the vote, the vote remains a tie, then any of these three motions are automatically defeated.

- After a motion is disposed of and before a new motion is considered, a motion to adjourn is in order. There is no discussion on a Motion to Adjourn and majority vote prevails.

- The process repeats itself.

The above process will undoubtedly evolve and improve over time. Unforeseen issues will be cause for amending our process. Our mail rooms are always open for constructive criticism.

- Yes, members of council may assign their proxies to another council member. We will try to schedule these meetings so that we have a quorum present. But sometimes members will arrive late or leave early - hence the right of proxy.

- By council consensus, Orlando Edwards presides over the council, followed by Jenny Chen, Joanna Riggs, and Harry Smith, in that order. In other words, Orlando will typically preside, but if he is absent or late, then Jenny will preside, and so on and so forth through the list so long as a quorum is present. Proxies are permitted in order to facilitate quorum.

- Mayor Drain, or his designated Executive Branch representative, may speak at meetings, but shall vote only to break a tie in the City Council process.

- In the interest of open government and in consideration of time constraints, when the chair calls for citizen comment, PLEASE limit your comments to one post only unless you are asked by the Council to elaborate. Please have your comments ready to post.