About the Mmmartini Lounge

Welcome to the Mmmartini Lounge!

The Mmmartini Lounge chatroom is available for your use, for any reason at all (except advertising). You can use it for a chat meeting, or for leaving a message for someone (whatever you post stays until I either archive it, or delete it). Once you've posted or started chatting, others know that you've visited, and can still 'chat' with you long after you've left.

The Mmmartini Lounge, like the rest of the SOI site, is completely anonymous (I do not have access to your IP number or know if you are here). I would like to ask that you attempt to keep with the theme of the room when chatting or posting messages... you don't have to talk about martinis but it's more fun attending a party when you are dressed in 'costume' (in other words, walk the walk and talk the talk).

The Mmmartini Lounge also provides a handy pathway to send me private messages. Just click on the [Mail] link, enter my name in the 'To' box, and press Talk/Listen. The message is delivered to my mailbox instantly, and when I'm on the site I receive notice of it immediately! You can also click on any of the links beside the textbox, which will take you either back to Romantic Notions, the SoapBox Podium, or to the Corkboard.

Please keep in mind that any post which is considered to be racist, uses excessive profanity, or is advertising, will be removed immediately upon its discovery (in accordance with the rules of this site). We'd like to hear what you have to say, and do respect your right to your opinion, even if we don't agree with it. But you certainly can't make your point if your post is deleted because you didn't follow some simple rules.

If you have any questions that the FAQ, QRef, SOS or Help areas of this site (the State of Insanity) can't help you with, please contact me either through the private messaging here, or step into the phone booth and select your favourite way to keep in touch.

Feel free to drop by the Mmmartini Lounge's Virtual Cocktails site anytime!