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What is The Corporation?

The Corporation started as a financial company, but soon became involved in mergers and bounds of all kinds. Mergers and bounds are now the backbone of the present day Corporation. Most employees feel most comfortable when dealing with mergers or tied up in bounds.

However, with each new employee The Corporation began to branch off into different fields of endeavour. Presently The Corporation has divisions handling the maunufacturing and distribution of ropes, ties and leather goods; a division conducting research in cyber sexual positions; a division that manufactures, distributes and services vibrators; a division conducting research in the fashion of business undergarments; What does the future hold in store? The answer lies only in your imagination.

Although The Corporation started North American based, it soon became International. The sun never sets at The Corporation office.

Rules For All Corporation Rooms

These rules apply to all The Corporation rooms and any room indicating association with The Corporation

The Corporation is a mutually consenting room... Which means if someone does not like the way a scene is developing they have the option not to participate.

NO rape, animals, kids or blood allowed.....To both men and women, rape is defined as "an act of forcing a person to have sexual intercourse UNWILLINGLY, to take by force".

An abusive or a hostile nature will often put that individual on IGNORE.

Disturbing an ongoing scene, either by a public post or whisper, IS NOT appreciated and may put that individual on IGNORE.

This is a room where you have to use some imagination.

It is also a room where you would act like a normal human being in an office environment.

Have FUN and respect the enjoyment of the room by others!!!!!

How to get Started

Over the past while I have helped a number of people with positions and helped them get started ... I don't mind helping and answering questions but here are some tips that may help you get into the "swing" of thing a little quicked.

Read the infomation at the top of the main room, the Rules of the Rooms, and What is The Corporation.

Select a position that you have some knowledge about, or that fits or personality....remember....... you will at times need to do some activities in this position in order to get into the scene.....your character can be within The Corporation, consults to The Corporation or a client of The Corporation

Try out the character a few times and see how the character fits for both yourself and how the character is accepted by others....... not everyone has to make an application, apply and be accepted...... if it is your first try as that character ..... just post that it is your first day at your new position and all the regulars will know you are trying things out..... after a few days you may see what changes are needed to make your character comfortable.

Once you have settling into a character..... write up a introduction and post it on the Employees' Notice Board.... there are a number of good examples of introductions on the Employees' Notice Board ..... on your introduction include the pic or homepage url that you want your name linked to.....your name will be added to Who's who and linked to the pic or homepage you provided.

And Lastly
Have fun!!!!!!!