Room Rules
Please read them and abide by them
1)ALL chatterers coming to this room MUST be 18 or over
2)"Visitor" handles are not to be used. Please use gender related handles. They don't have to be imaginatively thought-up names...anything will do...(ex:Bob...Betty..etc etc)
3)Please be polite to everyone and greet everyone upon entering (ex:Hello all)
4)Please respect everyone else's options even if you don't agree with them
5)Most pics and flirtious chat is not allowed are scat\blood..pain....bestiality..kiddie porn..water sports (peeing).
6)If someone posts a pic link that doesn't work they are asked\expected to delete it (To do this they click on the asterik (*) of the posted link and next screen they click on "delete this post").
7)If a room occupant expresses they wish not to be hit on then please abide by their wish.
8)sugar & spice has asked that i include here that she\they wish not to be hit on. (any others wishing not to be hit on just notify me and i'll add you to the list also)