>Anything Goes in a Place Like This...

NOTE: this is NOT a BDSM or D/s room. Those who follow such protocols are accepted and will be treated properly, but those who do not wish to are fully welcomed and to be treated with the respect due anyone in here.

Note on Scenes:
Many of the characters portrayed here are transgendered and/or hermaphroditic (ie genetic males with breasts and still maintaining their male genitalia), but there are also gg's (genetic girls) and men here, as well. We all have our place here, and we all deserve respect for who we are.
Try and play this as if it was a normal bar with normal gals and guys before you make any assumptions.
Also the bar always has barstaff, whether there or not. These are played by NPC's (non player chracters) please interact with these 'imaginery' people (bar staff, security, duty managers, etc) and DO NOT presume to serve yourself or others. If you wish to work here then please mail me. The emphasis here is on decent sceneing with lots of clever roleplay and intelligent, well thought out words. Also just because there might be two people (boy and girl) chatting don't feel like you cannot join this room. Act like it is a normal pub, complete with the hustle and bustle you would expect to find, including multiple conversations between groups of people.
Apart from that... have fun!

So the main idea is (for me anyway...) is to TRANSFORM totally into a character different from my real personna.
I suppose the main catch, and distraction for people will be the fact that they are actually playing with a MAN in RT. But what the hell??? This is totally ambigious right? As long as the scene is hot and raunchy, I simply do not care. As I know for a FACT that the times I have been here as a MALE I have proberly cybered another MALE pretending to be a female. And it cuts BOTH ways! I have known WOMEN who have found nice blokes, only to discover down the road, that these "men" are in fact WOMEN... lesbians getting off with girls. This place dispenses with the bullshit in my opinion. It is all roleplay and totally harmless. So boy or girl come here and have fun!

RT women are also most welcome here. If you're a girl and fancy playing as a boy, TS, CD, or EVEN simply as a girl then please join in!

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The bar staff specializes in "chick drinks" like strawberry daiquiris and other sweet, fruity cocktails (I love that word!) with our special straw
Come in and order your drinks, perhaps sit in the jacuzzi and let's get to know one another!
NO clothing, condoms, or glassware is allowed in the jacuzzi!
use our official drink bottle instead
Our drink recipes

Head Bartenderess: Billie | (Billie in a fetish mood) | Club Assistant Manager: Nebbie | bartenderess: Jennifer | serving girl:cholette

Female Predator's super spunk recipe