Let us keep this simple:

ADDITION: AUGUST 2015: CLARIFICATION JANUARY 2013: Furring is restricted in all rooms but paga (and baths with its limits), but lapping, etc. is allowed. To be clear this means FM keep it in their pants -- they may tease with their mouths and hands as much as they wish while lapping a slave. Cleaning the furs in paga takes enough time!

ADDITION: MAY 2014: Public girl on girl sex is not allowed in any of the rooms of the home. Even if directed by a Man I find this not suitable for public play. 2 girls serving a Man within reason is allowed.

ADDITION: APRIL 2014: ENIS MON MEAD LAMP: This light is fueled with a mixture of mead from Tae's honey and oil. It is meant as a beacon and remembrance of My Brother in hopes He may find His way in the darkness He faces.

ADDITION: JANUARY 2013: As the home has grown some from now on furring will be restricted to the the paga room, though anything short of such is allowed.

ADDITION APRIL 2012: OK folk the girls are unrestricted and indeed may be treated as Men will sexually, but pissing and such IN MY Home will not be tolerated. These girls have the nerve to face Gor as it should be faced --- they HONOR Gor and YOU WILL honor My HOME. "Freenecks" are at risk. Collar them and keep them UNLESS have been granted protected status by LionHeart. Actually there is no such thing as a "freeneck" so They should be "treated" as a free until One decides to collar Them.

No property of the room may be taken from it or harmed. (ie no raids or captures). Also no Free may be forced from the room (except by Guards if breaking rules) without LionHeart's permission. slaves, however, may be ordered from one room in the home to another, but these general rules follow them there.

Whipsers may be treated as IN ROOM posts at the owners discression. Kill is ONLY at LionHeart's decision and will only be used when and if S/someone is ignoring rules or upsetting the room.

Collar (see "freenecks"): Freewomen acting like Freewomen have little to fear unless irritate the Owner. Freewomen not acting like Freewomen may be chained to a wall and LionHeart will decide their fate when He enters (either to give Them to the One chaining, collaring Them Himself, or freeing them. Women: You neither may or need to bring Guards into the room with You leave them outside. Your actions and Your actions alone determine Your safety here. You will be responsible for what happens.

House slaves are NOT allowed to whisper or be whispered to other than by LionHeart and MaL. Others need ask permission in the open.

The residents of this room are safe when here. MaL as My Brother has the final say when I am not present and Guards will enforce it. It is assumed the Guards will kill or throw out any trying to harm A/any.

slaves may be used as per their restrictions (see their ~ and room page for this), but for house slaves all such use is to be public. home slaves are naked unless a Freewoman is in the room. If a Freewoman enters they should dress EXCEPT any who are in service and they need to remain as are until released, though it is asked that Freemen try to take her to the Paga Room (pagal) asap for the Freewoman's comfort.

((To those w/who dis-like Me and the general assholes of Gor: save U/us both the trouble. I won't bother Y/you and expect the same. If you catch Me in a Kill room W/we'll deal with it -- otherwise save U/us both the time. This is My Home and I will be safe and relaxed in it))