Welcome to room exposer,
a room for exhibitionists to be guided and directed to expose in REAL TIME. This is Public Exposure In RT - NOT public exposure in a public room at SOI like many would like.


This is not a room for egotistical men or so called "masters" with rt identity problems.

The following are observations which I have found to be helpful.
You may add some of your own or message me suggestions.
This list will be updated from time to time.

NOTE FOR CROSS-DRESSERS: No matter how good you look in women's clothing,
when you take your panties off...well I think you get the idea.

Guidelines for Guiding Real Time Exhibitionists

Many think going private is unreasonable when the exposer is showing in public. They reason, "If she is showing in public why not tell us in a public room?" This is called ERRONEOUS LOGIC, Stupid Reasoning and Insulting to the exposer. It is always prudent to leave the public room for the exposer.

Here are some thoughts on this and other guidelines for amateur "directors".

1. It is best to go private for guiding a person or at least semi-private. It takes a lot of concentration to follow instructions in exposing. Added comments in public rooms such as: a. Watching but not Interrupting; b. Looking; c. Take it all off; d. other comments only obstruct the exposing process.

2. Posting of pictures add nothing to the visual the exposer has. Her view is paramount to what she sees real time not what is in any posed picture.

3. Do not ask her to use both hands to do something then ask her if she is doing it. She needs three hands to tell you or stop what you told her to do.

4. Do not expect an immediate response when you tell her to do something.

5. Never be unrealistic by telling her to take all her clothing off in front of her coworkers, take her top off where it might compromise her, show herself to a man or men when her safety might be in question.

6. Don't expect a reply if you tell her to suck someone.

7. Exposing for real exhibitionists arouses the exposer. Don't get her all excited then ask her silly questions.

8. When she says she can't do something, accept that and don't ask "WHY?"

9. If you make her masturbate, please realize she cannot respond well while doing such. Can you, as a man, have intercourse and type at the same time?

10. In guiding/directing put yourself in the position of the exposer and ask yourself, "is that reasonable?"

Please enjoy, librarian