Forbidden Fantasy

From behind the shadows, in the dark of night,I call out to you.
From out of the darkness and fear in the deepest recesses of your mind, I reach out to you.
From forbidden fantasies and long denied taboos, I watch you read this, and I smile.
Who am I, but the Master of your heart?

You drift in a lonely and meaningless life. Success in everything,
happiness in nothing. A life that is so full of contradictions,
a time full of confusion. No order, no discipline, no love. I know you so well,
I am the Master of your heart!

You are a woman, the object of desire and passion. So like a child...
needing someone to teach you how to please him. So like a slave, to the Master of your heart!
I am but a stranger you have yet to meet. A man you have yet to please with every fiber of your being.
The passion and pain that you get gives meaning to your life.
The order, and discipline, and love of the Master is freedom and ecstacy!!!

I am but the Master, to whom you must submit! Tied to a bed, alone and naked...
You tremble at the touch of a man you have never met.
Your heart beats faster, you breathe in quick shallow gasps.
Will the stranger take you now, will he toy with you? How can you guess?
I am the stranger, I am your Master!

Biting your lower lip, you try to anticipate the sting of the whip,
Or will it be the slap of a firm hand on your blushing flesh? Not knowing.
You close your eyes and think about the Master standing over you...
Awaiting it's own sweet assault in you. You're afraid, and yet excited, your imagination runs wild!

I stand over you and enjoy watching your quivering body.
Running my hand up your back, on your naked flesh, I enjoy the power.
Standing over you, I wait, I watch, I touch and explore...
I take you, I use you, I commit my will on you and in you!
Whatever I do, I enjoy, because of your submission,
Total and complete! Life! Passion! You surrender and you experience!!
Pain! Pleasure! it all unites as colors flash in your mind!!!

The meaning is clear, you're my slut, my whore, my slave!
You where created to serve this Master, you exist to serve this Master...
In mind and body and heart and soul.
There is no other meaning, there is no other life...
I am the Master of your destiny, you are a slave to my every whim.
Who am I, but the Master of your heart?

Author Unknown.....