About SweetPaisley's Corkboard

Welcome to the Community Corkboard!

This Community Corkboard is available for your use, for any reason at all (except no racist comments; no hatred, spam, or flame posts; no advertisements (including spamming your URL); no excessive profanity or sexually explicit posts. In other words, keep it intelligent! *grin*). Think of it as your own personal 'virtual answering machine'... you can leave a message for someone you've met (or want to meet) in the site chat rooms or around the neighbourhood and then come back later to see if there are any replies. Consider leaving an email address where someone can contact you, in case a public answer isn't one they'd like to leave. You can leave messages for friends, strangers, other visitors, colleagues, or reply to messages already left by others. Please do not simply leave your URL without any other contribution to the board or topic - it will be removed as "spam".

The Corkboard is also a great place to start a discussion, complain about your favourite pet peeve, leave a note of thanks or friendship for another, or raise and discuss topics that you want to vote on in the Soapbox Podium room.

The Corkboard also provides a handy pathway to send me private messages. Just click on the [Mail] link, enter my name in the 'To' box, and press Talk/Listen. The message is delivered to my mailbox instantly, and when I'm here in the site I receive notice of it immediately!

Please keep in mind that any post which is considered to be racist, uses excessive profanity, is sexually explicit, is regarded as spam, or is advertising, will be removed immediately upon its discovery in the corkboard (in accordance with the rules of this site). We'd like to hear what you have to say, and do respect your right to your opinion, even if we don't agree with it. But you certainly can't make your point if your post is deleted because you didn't follow some simple rules.

Remember that you are responsible for your postings. Also, any posting that threatens to expose VT or RT information will be deleted upon its discovery, as will those postings based solely on gathering RT information. These postings will be reported to the site's administration as well (although your IP number is not publicly posted, the administration logs this information).

If you have any questions that the FAQ or Help areas of this site, the State of Insanity, can't help you with, please contact me either through the private messaging here, or step into the phone booth for your favourite way to keep in touch.