Jefferson Somerset Wu(Jeff or Grits) is the son of shrimpers who fish the Gulf of Mexico. His parents had no money,so they sent him to work for his cousin Chou.

Wu Chou Ye,nicknamed him "Grits" because of his accent;Jeff worked in Chou's buffet in return for his tuition and fees to go through school.

Chou,a naturalized citizen,found the US tax code confusing and offered Grits an interest free loan to attend law school,and offer Grits accepted.

Partly because he was working and going to school at the same time,leading to average grades and partly because of his ethnicity,Jeff attended a second rate law school but once there,did first rate work. He did not edit the law review but he contributed to it.

Following graduation,he worked for a firm in Baton Rouge but did not really want to become a Bayou Bobby Baker,so when his cousin Chou offered him an office suite in #r-gritswu(The City),Jeff accepted.

Jeff Wu does taxes,corporations,and trusts. As a single practitioner,he will accept almost anything,including criminal defense. If he can keep a client out of jail and avoid a trial,he will do so but courtrooms and deposition rooms do not scare him.

He has done some work with administrative proceeding,lobbying,and will sue an insurance company to remedy a personal injury.

He does not advertise.

He has clients in the City but does not publicize it.

((Out of character---because I'm not a lawyer,I try to be plausible but don't have the time to research the minutae of every nuance. If my character can assist a story line,please call #r-gritswu(The Heights Law Firm).))