Our Menu

Bar Bites

Small plates that are perfect for starters, snacks or sharing 'round the table

IRISH SMOKED SALMON - The best, served simply with lemon, onion, brown soda bread and butter 7.95

BEEF & BLUE - Mildly spicy blackened beef tenderloin, served cold with Cashel blue cheese and crusty French bread 7.95

BUBBLE & SQUEAK - Crispy griddle-fried cakes of mashed potato, onion, and vegetable 2.95

GARLIC MUSHROOMS - Fresh mushrooms saut�ed in butter & garlic and served with Marie Rose sauce 3.95

CHEESE & CHIVE FRITTERS - Fried rounds of cheddar and green onion 4.95

SMOKED SALMON PATE - A homemade spread of salmon and cream cheese served with brown soda bread 4.95

CRAB CAKES - Three pan-fried rounds of sweet crab meat mixed with red peppers, onions and breadcrumbs 5.95

SALMON POTATO PUFFS - Mashed potatoes, smoked salmon, onion & dill, fried and served with dill mayo 4.95

STUFFED PORTABELLA - A large mushroom cap filled with blue cheese, smoked salmon & red onion 7.95

SALMON RILLETTES - Poached salmon, flaked and tossed with green onion in a caper-dijon mayo. Served with toasted french bread 5.95

Soups & Salad

LEEK & POTATO SOUP 2.95/cup 3.75/bowl

Ask your server

HOUSE SALAD - Choice of dressings 3.95 Topped with Grilled or Fried Chicken 7.95 With Ham 5.95

CHICKEN SALAD - Homemade with red onions and dijon mayo, served with fruit or as a sandwich with Irish chips 6.95

SPINACH SALAD - Baby spinach leaves tossed in a warm bacon dressing with red onion and red peppers, and topped with pears, a grilled orange slice and blue cheese crumbles 5.95 With grilled chicken 9.95

BLACKENED SALMON SALAD - A 4 oz. portion of salmon, blackened with the Rover's special spice blend and served with a strawberry vinaigrette atop leaf and romaine lettuces, squash, peppers, honeydew melon, mushrooms, tomato, onion and cucumber - 7.95

PRAWN & CASHEW SALAD - Spring Mix and tomatoes topped with shrimp & cashews in a warm lemon vinaigrette. 8.95

Pub Grub

Hearty stews, casseroles, and fry-ups...plus a few lighter meals

LAMB STUFFED CABBAGE - Three cabbage rolls, stuffed with ground lamb and smoked cheddar, topped with a red wine reduction and served with champ 9.95

DUBLIN SMOKIES - A famous dish from the old-time Dublin street markets, this is a casserole of smoked haddock and salmon, saut�ed shrimp, garlic, onion and tomato baked in paprika cream and topped with melted swiss 9.95

BANGERS & MASH - Mild, handmade Irish sausages and mashed potatoes - a pub classic 6.95

SHANAGARRY FISH CAKES - A mix of fresh and smoked salmon and cod, fried and served with veg and mash. 8.95

FARMER'S PLATE - A marinated, grilled portabella mushroom cap stacked on grilled zucchini, squash, red peppers and eggplant, and sauced with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette 7.95

SMOKED SALMON & POTATO GRATIN - A casserole of potatoes, cream, smoked salmon, swiss and parmesan served with the veg of the day. We've adapted the recipe from the menu of a world-class seafood restaurant disguised as a family-run pub in the historic port city of Youghal (pronounced "Yawl") 7.95

GUINNESS BEEF STEW - A rich mix of meat and vegetables simmered in the famous black beer of Ireland 6.95

PLOUGHMAN'S PLATE - A changing selection of domestic and imported cheeses, served the traditional way, with brown soda bread, homemade apple chutney, Branston Pickle and Colman's mustard Market Price Add Cashel Blue Cheese 2.50

FISH & CHIPS - A 7-8 oz. portion of Icelandic cod, fried extra crispy like the old-time Dublin "Chippers" 8.95

COTTAGE PIE - Home-made beef stew served in a bread bowl and topped with mashed potatoes and cheese 9.95


HOOLIGAN BURGER - Hand-pattied 6 oz. burger, grilled to order, dressed and served on a toasted Kaiser bun with Irish chips 6.95 With cheddar, swiss or smoked gouda 7.95 With cheese & Irish bacon 9.50

IRISH BLT - Salmon rillettes, bacon, lettuce and tomato served on a french roll, with Irish chips 8.95

ROVER LAMBURGER - Ground lamb and beef, hand pattied and grilled to order. Served with Irish chips 7.95 Topped with cheddar, swiss or smoked gouda 8.95

VEGGIE SANDWICH - A giant toasted sandwich of thickly sliced homemade bread, diced sauteed veggies and melted cheddar. Served with Irish chips 6.95

SAUSAGE ROLL - Irish bangers on a toasted French roll with sauteed onions. Served with Irish chips 5.95

IRISH CLUB - Sliced chicken breast and Limerick ham, dressed and served on homemade sourdough with Irish chips 6.95

Full Plates

LIMERICK HAM - Juniper-marinated ham, grilled and topped with a honey and brown sugar glaze 9.95

ROVER CHICKEN - Two grilled chicken breasts glazed with a reduction of Irish Rover Red Ale and cumin 11.95

STUFFED PORK - Seasoned pork loin rolled around a creamy filling of spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, shallots, walnuts and parmesan and sauced with a red wine demi-glaze 14.95

ROVER SALMON - Fresh salmon, grilled and topped with chef's choice of sauce 12.95

CHICKEN CASHEL BLUE - Chicken breasts, stuffed with mushrooms and Cashel blue cheese
and topped with a mushroom mornay 14.95

IRISH WHISKEY STEAK - A 10 oz. center cut of top sirloin from Green River Cattle Co., grilled to order and served with a whiskey-mushroom cream 19.95

Children's Plates

$2.95 (12 and under, please...adults will be charged full price)

KRAFT MAC & CHEESE - The familiar orange pasta that's every kid's favorite

FISH & CHIPS - Kid-size version of our signature dish.

GRILLED CHEESE - American cheese on white bread, served with Irish chips.

KIDBURGER - A smaller version of our pub burger, grilled well-done and served on a store-bought bun with Irish chips.
(Kid Cheeseburger...$ 3.95)

CHICKEN FINGERS - Fried crispy and served with Irish chips.

BANGERS & MASH - Mild Irish sausages and mash.

VEGETABLE SMASH - Mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables - a kid-pleaser that's also healthy.


Too full for dessert? How about an Irish liqueur or a glass of port?

RASPBERRY TRIFLE - An Anglo-Irish favorite of cake, berries, custard, and freshly whipped cream 4.95

BAILEY'S CHEESECAKE - The smooth taste of the famous Irish cream liqueur 4.95

CHOCOLATE GUINNESS CAKE - Flourless chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse and Bailey's cream 4.95

BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING - Cinnamon-scented and served warm with whiskey-caramel sauce and cream 4.95

IRISH CREME CARAMEL - Silky egg custard, flavored with a hint of Irish Mist liqueur, and topped with caramel 4.95


Assorted Sodas & Juices, Perrier Water, Milk, Coffee, Iced Tea, Barry's Irish Tea, Hot Chocolate
Tap water served upon request

Wine List

Korbel Brut
19.95/bottle 12.95/half bottle

Little Penguin (Australia)
Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet & White Shiraz
4.95/glass 14.95/bottle


ROBERT PEPI PINOT GRIGIO 19.95/bottle 7.95/glass
From Oregon's Wllamette Valley, crisp citrus and green apple combine with good acidity for a nice food wine

RUDI WIEST RIESLING 18.95/bottle 7.50/glass
This Mosel River wine has apple and pear flavors, good acidity and a mineral focus -- Great aperitif!

MARTIN CODAX ALBARINO 18.95/bottle 7.50/glass A dry full-bodied wine with an aroma of herbs

MARK WEST CHARDONNAY 19.95/bottle 7.95/glass
Central Coast grapes provide tropical fruit and pear flavors, and oak aging adds a bit of vanilla for a wine that has more body than our other chardonnay but is still easy to drink


BLACKSTONE MERLOT 18.95/bottle 7.50/glass
Yummy, ripe fruit, creamy oak and firm tannins create an elegant but easy-going wine

MARK WEST PINOT NOIR 21.95/bottle 8.95/glass More complex than our other pinot, this wine has a bit of syrah which adds to the deep, rich berry flavors and earthy tobacco aroma. Oak aging round it out for a full-bodied but silky wine

ALAMOS MALBEC 18.95/bottle 7.50/glass Soft, velvety tannins and lush,ripe berry and cassis flavors layered with a bit of chocolate, coffee and oak spice, combine in a smooth wine with a long, lingering finish. Delicious!

RAVENSWOOD ZINFANDEL 19.95/bottle 7.95/glass
Big, oaky and perfect for burgers & steaks.

Beer & Whiskey

$4.75/ 20 oz. Imperial Pint
$2.50/10 oz. Glass

Brewed Just for Us
Irish Rover Red
A classic Irish Red Ale similar to Smithwick's

From Ireland Guinness Stout
Smithwick's Irish Ale

From Scotland
Tennent's Lager

From England
Fuller's ESB, Newcastle Brown Ale


Woodchuck Cider


MGD, Miller Lite, Bud, Bud Lite $ 2.50
Kaliber Non-Alcoholic $ 3.25
Heineken $ 3.25
Amstel Light $ 3.25
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen $ 3.50
Theakston Old Peculier Ale $ 4.50


Powers, Tullamore Dew, Tyrconnel Single Malt, Jameson, Bushmills, and Black Bush...$6.25
Jameson 1780...$6.25
Bushmill's 10-year Single Malt...$6.25
Redbreast Pure Pot Still ...$6.95
Jameson 18-year...$8.95
Midleton Very Rare...$15


Aberlour, Glenmorangie, Macallan


Blanton's, Bookers, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, Ridgemont Reserve 1792, Woodford Reserve Pappy Van Winkle 20-year...$8.95 Sherries Sandeman's



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