Imperium Code of Conduct
The ladies here at the Imperium have a wide range of hedonistic interest. Please act like a Gentleman and/or Lady.

Scening is welcome and encouraged. Scenes will be public or in semi private rooms.

Make NO assumptions about anyone. The Imperium offers a variety of deviant experiences. It would be wise to read a persons home page before interacting. This will avoid hurt feelings and/or misunderstandings.

If a lady wears {I} she is a resident of the Imperium. She is not allowed to go private under any circumstances. She may have a room attached to the Imperium and will be semi-private or public. It you attempt to drag them away, they will advise me and you will be banned.

The ladies here at the Imperium may use a name specific to the Imperium. Please respect their privacy of who they might be elsewhere and real time. Again, if you badger them they will advise and you will be banned.