Hello, and welcome.

As you can tell from the pictures posted, I love breast bondage. The feeling of having them bound tight, the way the skin changes color, the way they stand out from my chest, mmmmmmm nothing compares to that feeling.

Remember that I do play along for real so if you are giving me instructions, make them achievable. I don't always have my web cam connected and when I do, it's not streaming. I have to save and upload each picture one at a time. It takes a little time, so be patient.

I will not carry my play into the real world so don't ask. I don't do phone, and I won't meet you.

no blood
no lasting damage
no water sports or scat
no burning
no phone

Yes, those are pictures of me. I'm not going to show my face so use your imagination. Be imaginative and we'll both have a great time!