How to Play 3 Word Story

Contribute by uke

3 Word Story is a game in which every post you make is limited to just three words.
Players usually take turns, finishing each others' sentences and deciding where the story goes next.
It's strange... it's twisted... but most of all it's fun!

Here are some ideas to help move things along smoothly. You can follow them or ignore them and make up your own. Whatever works.


The Rules

There are only two rules:

  1. Every post is limited to ONLY THREE WORDS.
  2. Have fun!

That's pretty much it.


Helpful Tips


Examples - Some Ways to Play

Here are some of the ways people have played 3 Word Story so far.
But these are just suggestions. Feel free to invent your own.

Sentences - For any number
- Take turns (use To: box)
- Start a sentence and leave off after 3 words
- Next person continues the same sentence
- When the sentence is done, type a period.
- Then start another.
Abel to Betty: "it was a"
Betty to Chuck: "dark and stormy"
Chuck to Abel: "night. The scouts"
Abel to Betty: "huddled around the"
Betty to Chuck: "roaring camp fire."
Phrases - For any number
- Take turns or not
- Use phrases not complete sentences
Abel to Betty: "dark, stormy night"
Betty to Chuck: "roaring camp fire"
Chuck to Abel: "scouts telling stories"

Abel: "dark, stormy night"
Chuck: "newlyweds' car kaput"
Betty: "castle up ahead"
1 on 1 - For two players
- Take turns
- Use phrases or sentences
- Great way to tell a long story
Abel to Betty: "dark, stormy night"
Betty to Abel: "roaring camp fire"
Abel to Betty: "scouts telling stories"
Betty to Abel: "suddenly, a noise!"
Solo - For 1 storyteller
- Just keep posting
- Use phrases or sentences
- Great for an empty room
Abel: "dark, stormy night"
Abel: "roaring camp fire"
Abel: "scouts telling stories"