The wood paddle is one of the most favored implements by men for the punishment of females in the US.

Husbands and boyfriends can call it the correction of misdeeds one swat at a time. The message gets through with every hard smack on the ass.  


A woman may think she is too old to be paddled. But when she hears her man say "bend over and take your panties down" she knows that she is not too old yet.

The wooden paddle can be effective through jeans, skirts, panties and pantyhose at adjusting a females attitude and correcting behavior. But for the full effect it is best applied to a bare tight bottom.  When applied to a womans bare bottom, the paddle produces a satisfying and loud CRACK. Delivering a lesson of pain with each swat to the bottoms owner. When used correctly the paddle produces an uniform redness and sore bottom that leaves the cheeks sore and hard to sit on. A heavy paddling can result in a seriously bruised bottom and possible blistered skin with painfull discomfort which lasts for several days.
The facial expressions of a paddled woman at the moment of impact make quite a picture, bent over the back of a chair with her dress up. After she is sobbing and begging forgiveness her man knows that she has her learned lesson and that they can retire to the bedroom and finish the night off with hard satisfying round of sex.