This is a cultured, safe haven for human pets and those that adore them, not a quick 'pick me up' room. Please respect the theme of the room and take the drama elsewhere.

Pets are special cherished human beings who simply wish to sink down into a freedom by tapping into the feral~base needs within them. It has nothing whatsoever to do with having sex with animals for I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with that and will ban anyone who tries to instigate that sort of behavior/roleplay.

Speaking of rp, this is Not a roleplay room, this is a safe sanctuary for human pets who want to throw off the trappings of their humanity for a little while and sink down into the basest~most raw self with a Guide or a Trainer that understands and realizes being a pet is an emotional and tender thing.

When a pet kneels before you, it's not just kneeling with the knees, but it's a complete giving over of themselves to Another ...and a kneeling of the soul.

Respect them and treat them as they wish to be treated, with guidance and firm control so they know their place always. Pets that do not have a trainer or an owner are welcome to simply sink into their petspace and simply be themselves without fear of ridicule or abuse here. My vision for the room is quite simply a place for pets and those that adore them to congregate and have fun, be themselves and be free ....let their inhibitions go and ~Guide ..or be guided.

(1)Please do not whisper or mail msg me or those I am interacting with in the room because I suffer from 'cannot keep up syndrome'and like to give my complete focus on the people within the room. Please come in if you want to interact with me or anyone within the room. I find it rude to whisper to anyone inside the room without permission.But all are invited to visit at any time.

(2)It is encouraged to greet everyone within the room and nothing burns my behind more than seeing a submissive or Dominant just coming in and ignoring everyone else and just speaking to one person. In other words, converse, talk and interact with one another. This is not a pick up room, so trollers go elsewhere.Please be respectful of the pets, they are not your personal playground. Get to know them and it is up to the individual if unsolicited touch is accepted.

(3)This room is safe sane and consensual and scening is encouraged but do Not interrupt a scene in progress unless you've been invited into said scene.

(4)If a submissive is serving or scening, they are not to be interrupted until their chosen task is completed.

(5)Do treat this Home as a cultured place. I will not tolerate ignorance or mean words to others. This is a safe environment to interact, talk and converse or scene as the mood strikes. Those who are of the submissive variety are protected and safe here, encouraged to serve drinks and anything beyond that is up to the individual submissive. That is not to say good old fashioned Dominance is not asked for because it is. Pushing a little is encouraged ,just do so respectfully. Thank you.

(6)Please do not talk in texting speech like ne1 and ur and u and etc. This is one of my pet peeves and I will ban you for it. My room my rules and no one line scenes

(7)This is NOT a place for bestiality in any way shape or form.

(8)Have fun and respect one another.

(9)This is a place of peace and tranquility, keep the drama out please!

(10)Relax and be who you are in rt not who others think you should be.