"Strive for Sluthood"

The Uniforms:

The Finer points of Pinewood:

Benefits of a Pinewood Education:


Words from the HeadMaster:

"Greetings and welcome to what could very well be the most fun you've had at a school yet. Here at Pinewood you'll have the unique opportunity to find out that being called a "slut" or a "whore" isn't a bad thing at all. In this day and age more people should enjoy the wonders of their bodies and the greatest pleasure that they can produce. With smaller class sizes to ensure proper one on one time, a friendly Staff that will just not stop until you've become the best little fuckmachine you can be. Along with the many friends and fuckbuddies you'll make My door, desk, carpet and bed are always open to a student with a problem, with a question, or with a lust to be ravaged. I'm the HeadMaster with a heart, a hard cock, and a strong swing with "Old Piney" Pinewood's traditional paddle. We hope to see you soon here at Pinewood soon!"

-- Seven Deadly Sins