Pillow Talk Lounge

Bianca opened her doors in February 1994.

One of her rooms, Pillow Talk Lounge, became the meeting place for wit, intellect and erotica. Many people came, spent time and found new friends and lovers.

In May 2001, Bianca announced her closure. Some say it was mismanagement and some say it was a change in the kind of people who came there. Water flows under the bridge.

Bianca lingered on but her heart was clearly broken.

Thus it was that Pillow Talk Lounge came here to SOI.

But this is not -- could not be -- the history. The history of Pillow Talk Lounge was posted at Bianca's second by second, friend to friend as her few brief years rolled by. It is scribed in the hearts of the many who found joy and solace there.

And the history is not yet finished. A blank text box waits on your thoughts, your wit, and your tender words of love.

Your friends await you...