my thanks to the M/many W/who helped me with this room:
to jas~min{MH} for the lusciousss pic in the upper left corrner;
to silken touch for the scrumptiouss pic in the background;
to His* blueFire{MM} for her invaluable help with preparing the background pic--*grin*--actually, she did it period--isn't she great?--and her suggestions on the fonts;
to Lord Quendor for shrinking the pic in the corner and helping me figure out how to enlarge the background pic--*grin*--He's a very patient Man;
to Master Adam and tia for christening the room *pant*;
to li'l diamond for stopping by and leaving the blue roses;
to StormChaser for suggesting the use of this Home Page for this purpose;
to taking a really deep breath Burton, Dex, Ted, StrangMagic, Danno, MountainGlen, Sweetone, flower princess, tia, shiris, cherokeegirl, i know i'm forgetting S/so M/many--please forgive me--but to A/all of Y/you who stopped by and encouraged or offered words of approval or advice.