Room SOI Homepage

Welcome to the State of Insanity!

The State is a collection of citizen owned rooms and their purpose and administration varies widely.

Most rooms in SOI have a theme or feel to them, so please be respectful of the room owner's wishes when it comes to their rooms. They own them and have a plan for them, so please play along when you visit!

You will find many different rooms here at SOI, so I am sure you will find some that suits your personality and taste!

This particular room (#r-SOI) is rated "SFW", which means it is "Safe for Work". No outright nudity or violent images, please!.. *smile*

If you are a citizen of SOI and would like to decorate this room, please send me, seph, a MSG and I will help you do that. We plan on rotating the room decorations on a semi-regular basis, so everyone who wants a turn can have one.

Thx!... Love seph