Like a little bondage? Enjoy some
fantasy non-consensual roleplay? As long as
you..and your play partner(s)..are at least 18 rt
AND vt, dont involve any unsuspecting animals, avoid
the potty play stuff, and arent rude to any of my other
guests, most anything goes with the following exceptions:

This is NOT a forced type room. The key word above is
roleplay. If you wish to participate in a non-consensual
scene..your intended victim has the right to decline.
Non-consensual roleplaying, where both parties
wish to explore that avenue is allowed. Forced collarings
or continuing to attempt a non-consensual scene after
one person has stated clearly that they dont wish to
participate..are NOT. Msg me if this isnt clear.

Please, out of consideration for others,
if you wish to post pictures in the room do
so as links and not in-line pics.

Oh, and one more thing..dont interupt
any scenes in progress unless you are
invited to join in the fun.