Useful links and hints

*** This is now quite old therefore links may not work and things have changed. If you are having any issues and/or have suggestions please message FedEx or post it on the cork. Someday I'll update this page to Win10 ***

If anyone has other FREE programs that work good and you would like to share them with others, please msg me, FedEx, and I will see about adding them to the list.

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This is the home page of #r-vids and you have the permission of the room owner, FedEx, to link this home page if you so desire. I have no problem sharing anything I know with anyone that is a member here.

Also, please be aware that the only room links in #r-vids that are not mine are of those that have been staunch supporters and contributors to #r-vids over the years. Sorry, but I'm picky. Ya just gotta be special. Those linked in #r-vids have helped to make vids the popular place that it is today... and for that, I thank you!

Alternate Browser! (Yeah, I use Chrome now)

I've been using this for a while now and have been getting less problems
Download FoxFire (Mozilla) HERE


Download AVG HERE
Go down to where it says "Internet Security" then "Anti-Virus Pro" then click on "Anti-Virus Free"

Media Players

Download Windows Media Player 9.0 (Win98SE, ME, Win2k)HERE
Download Windows Media Player 10 (XP only) HERE
Download Windows Media Player 11 (XP sp2, Vista) HERE
Download Real Player HERE (Don't go to the Orange download button, go to the gray link in the upper right that says "Free RealPlayer")
Download DivX (2000 & XP) HERE
Download QuickTime HERE
Download VideoLan VFL Media Player (Plays files like *.x-ms-wmv) HERE

Spyware/Adware Programs

Some of these web sites tend to upload unwanted programs on your computer. UnFuck your browser/computer and rid yourself of unwanted ad and spy programs. These programs, FREE, can help you find and get rid of many of these problems.

Download Micro$oft's new Anti-Spyware (beta release) HERE NO LONGER Free, gee, imagine that.
Download SpyBot, Search and Destroy HERE
Download AdAware (Lavasoft) HERE
Download CWShredder (for i-lookup and cool web problems) HERE
Download HiJack This (for ADVANCED users only, be careful here) HERE

If you're running win2k and miss MSCONFIG, you can download it HERE

For those creating their own room there are numerous good hints at Teaser's home page listed below.