~Welcome to World of Shadow~

The Place: London, England

The Time: The Victorian Era. Manners and morals are the rule of the day. Gentleman tip their hats and hold doors for ladies. A proper lady would not be seen without a hat and gloves, and an unmarried lady would never go about without being properly chaperoned. Even a betrothed couple is subject to society's scrutiny.

Men and Women, the rich and the poor, go about their daily lives..shopping and parties, begging, thieving in the streets. Few, if any, would suspect or believe that walking among them are Creatures of the Night..Vampires and Werewolves. There are however, those among humankind who know and believe, and have made it their mission to hunt down and destroy them.

This is just a general outline of the roleplay. You need not be an expert on the Victorian era. But even a general knowledge, combined with common sense would be helpful. The same applies if you are going to play a Vampire or Werewolf. All are welcome to play provided the rules are followed.

1. No one under the age of 18, r/t or v/t allowed. This is per the rules of SOI. Violaters will be banned and reported.

2. All characters, whether mortal or immortal should have a proper first and last name. No descriptions please. We are supposed to be "real" people. Important I should think, especially for Vampires and Werewolves hiding among humans. If someone really wants to go by only one name, it won't be argued, unless everyone starts to do it. At the least, make it an actual name, not a description.

3. No character may be killed without their permission. All deaths should be discussed by any and all parties involved before being put into play. Property may not be damaged or destroyed without the room owners permission as well.

4. Avatars are welcome, but no slutty/half naked images please. Unless your character is a doxie, that really wouldn't be proper! Victorian avatars are hard to find, but when choosing one, just think about the era in which you are playing.

5. All characters are be human, vampire or werewolf. No aliens, demons, fae, fairies, angels etc please. We're going for a traditional, victorian era type of play. Think Bram Stokers novel, Dracula. Some "supernatural" powers may be allowed among mortals, if it's reasonable for a character to have them. It can be discussed.

6. No D/s, or Master/slave play allowed in any public area of the realm. What you do in your private residence is up to you. This is a roleplay game set within a particular time period. If being a Master or a slave, or D/s is your only interest, then this isn't the place for you. There are plenty of rooms in SOI for that.

7. This isn't a sex realm. Yes couples are going to have sex. But please keep in mind, the era in which this realm is set. It's the Victorian era. The rooms here are public areas, where there could be people about at any given time. If you want to have sex, keep it to your place of residence. There's nothing wrong with cybersex. But if that's all you're interested in, and you don't care about the roleplay or storylines, then please go elsewhere.

8. No crossover play.

9. This cork is for IC and OOC posting. Please share any storyline ideas here on the cork, or World of Shadow mailroom. Let's not have any drama. We're all adults just here to have fun. Behind the names and avatars we're real people, with real feelings. We're all entitled to our opinions, and they can be discussed in an adult manner on this cork. Any comments that are unconstructive, negative or hurtful to others will be deleted.

10. Out of character chat and whispers are sometimes necessary, but let's try and keep them to a minimum.

The above applies to all players in general. Below are rules applying specifically to Vampires and Werewolves.

Vampires in the Victorian London era copy the powers outlined in Bram Stoker's classic Dracula as follows:

1. Vampires have the strength of 10 men. They are powerful in hand to hand combat but not invincible. They deliver powerful blows that can break bones and cause considerable pain and discomfort to their victims but these blows are usually not fatal. They can also do feats of strength like lift heavy objects and break down doors. Use as guide: could 10 men do this?

2. Vampires have an "aura" about them that turns heads when they enter a room, partly from their sense of the theatrical/dramatic, but also because they exude confidence and smoldering sexuality. Mortal men view them as a threat (when the vampire is male) and women swoon and sigh. Conversely, female vampires raise the hair of mortal females who see their turf threatened, and men are like putty in a female vampires hands, as the human male lusts for the forbidden fruit. This aura can also cause suspicion amongst the mortals if it is flaunted too much.

3. Vampires have hypnotic eyes, and this can be a Dreadful Gaze that fixes their victim and holds them under their sway, or it can be a terrifying look as if from a wild beast, revealing a vampire in his/her true power as a Child of the Night. The vampire must catch the eye of his potential victim and hold him/her in the hypnotic gaze long enough to get them under his power. Once done the victim is a willing participant in the vampire's plans or will willingly give his/her blood to the Vampire. Only the strongest of wills can resist this Hypnotic Gaze, a will as strong as Van Helsing's for example.

4. The Kiss! When a vampire takes the blood of his victim, that victim experiences ecstasy beyond anything a mortal human has ever experienced. It is almost orgasmic in power and strength and causes the victim to willingly give more blood to the Vampire when either summoned or the victim willing lets the Vampire enter his/her house/room etc. to drink their blood again. With each successive drink, the victim becomes more and more enthralled with the Vampire until they are his/her willing slave to The Kiss!

5. Creating other Vampires: Vampire have throughout literature been able to create others of their own kind in many different ways. In this role-play experience we are going to keep it simple, and a Vampire can only create another with the player's express permission, otherwise the Vampire player simply keeps feeding off his/her willing slave to The Kiss. It takes three successive drinks of the victim's blood to transform them into a vampire, similar to Lucy in Dracula. The human "dies" (but not really) and rises from the grave/death to become the vampire servant of their Master.

6. Vampires drink the blood of humans, or animals if in great need. Vampires need to feed every day, but in this game since not everyone will be present every day, it is assumed that the Vampire feeds upon some NPC (Non-Player-Character) before entering the role-play for the evening. Vampire players wishing to feed upon other players need their express permission to do so. See #5 above.

7. Vampires can transform themselves into two different shapes:

a. "Mist" which allows them to seep under doors, through tiny cracks, etc. Obviously they dare not do this when others are watching as this would be a dead giveaway that they are not human.

b. Animal form, either a wolf or a bat. Again, not done in public. Bats are mainly for flying out of danger and wolf form more for attack or blending into a pack of wolves for protection or attack if out in the open. Not a good idea to become a wolf shape in London proper except in dire need. Vampires can also control packs of wolves and some other night creatures, like rats etc, but do this with discretion.

8. Heightened Senses: Vampires have acute senses, so keen eyesight; sense of smell; sense of taste (especially blood); sense of touch; keen hearing. This can be a blessing and a curse, for what is normal for a human may be extremely painful or un-nerving to a vampire. Keen sight at night is a blessing, but a loud cymbal crash near their ears could cause considerable pain and distress!

Vampire weaknesses:

1. Sunlight. No exceptions. Vampires simply fry if exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

2. Fire: Vampires hate fire, and only those of extraordinary courage will face an angry torch-bearing mob, or even a single determined hunter with a torch (and a cross helps too!)

3. Crosses: vampires hate religious symbols and relics, and the cross is repellant to them and they will flee from it, or at the very least back away and keep their distance, waiting for a sign of weakness. When wielding a cross to repel vampires, the cross-holder had better be a true believer, or else the cross is just another religious superstition and the vampire will sense this immediately.

4. Holy Water: see "crosses"

5. Stakes: Driven into the heart will immobilize a vampire and ultimately kill them, just as in Dracula. It is best to do this when the vampire is reposing in their Haven/Coffin, as it would be extraordinary, indeed, for a mortal to "Stake" a vampire at night when the creature of the night is at his/her full powers.

6. Mirrors: Vampires cast no reflection in a mirror, exactly why nobody knows but it makes for a cool gimmick. This may not be much of a problem for a vampire attending a gala ball where people are intermingling and there is a crowd, but in a room with only a few others, or even one, would be a dead giveaway that the vampire is not human.

7. Garlic: Vampires don't like Garlic and it can be used for protection. Treat Garlic as a poor man's cross.

8. Vampires must be invited into a home, a domain, a room, etc, before they can enter. Once invited, they can come and go as they please.

"Killing" a vampire:

1. Stake them in the heart when they are lying in their haven/coffin.

2. Large doses/quantities of Holy Water will cause death as if by sunlight, but takes longer and is a much more painful "death"

3. Sunlight: Vampires fry on the spot. Crispy Critter. This can be as dramatic as you want it to be.

Note: when role-playing a vampire keep in mind that the last thing you want humans to know is that you ARE a vampire. The more arrogant you are about "showing the world" that you are vampire, the more likely your dark secret will be discovered and nothing stops a mob of angry peasants with torches and stakes. In this, Victorin London is like Vampire: the Masquerade. Keep the Masquerade!

Werewolves in the World of Shadow, a Victorian London RPG will follow the rules as set forth in the Classic Werewolf movie starring Lon Chaney Jr. and are as follows:

1. Werewolves will be at full power during the full moon cycle, the day before, during, and the day after the full moon. Follow a modern day calendar for when the cycle occurs. A werewolf may also change from human into wolf form during the night time only, irrespective of the full moon cycle, but suffers from the following restrictions: Strength would be reduced by about 1/2, which is still considerable. Figure the srength of say 3 normal men. Attacks would do 1/2 damage, still considerable when taking into account the wolf's teeth and claws. A werewolf could be killed (but following the game rules and only by consent of the player) by normal means, not just a silver bullet. Since large animals can take a lot of damage, including head wounds, it would take several wounds to actually kill the werewolf.

2. When in wolf form the Werewolf needs to feed as if it were a real wolf, and this would include animals as well as human prey, human being the first choice.

3. The werewolf is consumed by the guilt of what they have done when they kill to feed. Yet, they are powerless to help their own condition. They may try to stop the lycanthropic process by chaining themselves into a room etc, but more than likely their incredible strength will break any bonds.

4. Werewolves when fighting are fierce combatants with the strength of the Wolf and their fangs rend and tear just about anything made in the Victorian Era, and their paws become strong and powerful "fists" that have sharp claws.

5. Nothing will kill a werewolf when in wolf shape EXCEPT a silver bullet shot from a gun used by one who truly loves the Human who is the werewolf. Therein lies the dilemma. Will the lover kill that which he/she truly loves to give the werewolf the peace and serenity only death can provide?

6. When in human form the werewolf is like a normal human in all respects, and can become ill, suffer wounds, even die a human death. But, the human form lives far longer than normal humans, though not immortal.

Many thanks to Captain Alan Richards for his contribution of the vampire/werewolf rules.

Game on!