Welcome To "webhelp"

The purpose of this corkboard is to allow visitors to ask and answer questions about Web Design (HTML, Graphics, JavaScript, PHP, etc).

If you're working on a page and have reached one of those frustrating "brick walls" that pop up from time to time, hopefully you'll find someone with the answer here.

If you have some experience in "Web work", whether you're a hobbyist or pro, you're encouraged to answer any questions you can or offer completely unsolicited tips/tricks/shortcuts/miracles you've found along your way.

The only rule is that everyone treat each other with respect....there are no stupid questions and no one has all the answers.

One general comment...please don't feel the need to "pull your post" once you've gotten the help you need. The hope is that this board will serve as a "library" of questions and answers.

Following are some helpful links contributed by webhelp visitors. If you know of an SOI room or outside site that might be of interest, feel free to MSG softblush with room names and/or URL's.

Outside Sites SOI Rooms
Programmers Heaven
Boogie Jack's Web Depot
#r-techcork - The Techie Corner
#r-webworld - Resources For Webmasters
#r-camforum - For Webcam Questions
#r-mactech - Macintosh Tech Support